Brand Clarity Series Bundle

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Are you ready for Brand Clarity?

You know you need a stunning brand that portrays your personality and skills, but you’re feeling stuck. You’re overwhelmed and distracted by all of the options, right?

You need a logo, colour palette, fonts, social media images… and everything else – but you have no clue where to begin.

You need to get to the bottom of your story first, your “WHY”. Get into the nitty-gritty of what gets you out of bed in the morning and only then you can start to tie together your visuals effectively and engage with your dream clients.

When we see people trying to DIY their brand, these are the huge mistakes we see:

  • Ignoring your dream clients altogether and creating a logo and colour palette based on your own likes and dislikes
  • Simply creating a logo and forgetting about all of the other many key features of your brand
  • Not having clear cut guidelines of what your brand looks like
  • Forgetting your why and just slapping visuals together any which way
  • Using the same templates as everybody else!

What if you could…

  • Learn exactly what you need to know about creating your brand, without all the confusing jargon
  • Create stunning visuals that encompass your message and connect with your dream clients
  • Have your very own go-to style guide for any time you need to create visual content
  • Attract your people by looking stunning online
  • Build a thriving business with a brand built around YOU

Introducing… The Brand Clarity Bundle

Gain true brand clarity with the exact blueprint we go through with all of our brand identity and website That’s Her Business clients!

You’ll learn:

  • What branding really means and why it’s important
  • Your true brand story and how to use it to connect and engage
  • Who your dream clients are and how to attract them with strong visuals
  • How to use your brand’s potential to build trust with your current and potential clients
  • What your pre-launch plan should look like to get your brand ready for growth

What’s in the box?

  • Learn about all things branding with The eBook (available free)
  • Discover your own brand and its personality and style with The Workbook (worth £47)
  • Create a style guide that you can refer back to with The Style Guide Canva Template (worth £27)
  • Plan your launch with The Preparing For Launch Checklist (worth £9)
  • + a cheeky BONUS kit to help you create your pre and post-launch socials (worth £47)

When you add everything up, it comes to a total value of £177, but you can buy the whole bundle today for £27.

You’re protected with our risk-free money-back guarantee for 30 days!


The Brand Clarity Bundle is brought to you by That’s Her Business, the award-winning collective of freelancers helping female entrepreneurs feel confident in their online presence. We work with coaches, VAs, social media managers and service-based businesses to create stunning brand identities and websites.  We created this bundle using the blueprint we walk through with our clients to help you create the brand of your dreams.

The Brand Clarity Bundle is right for you if you’re ready to learn more about creating your brand identity but you’re not quite ready to hire a professional to do it for you. If you’re ready to learn, grow and create – we’re ready to give you a helping hand!

Ready? Let’s get you some clarity!


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